Orlandoo Hunter 120 RPM Motor (Use w/D4L 4 in 1 System) NS0120-B

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Orlandoo Hunter 120 RPM Motor. This motor includes a PH2.0 connector, to allow compatibility with the Orlandoo 4-in-1 radio system. This is only compatible with Orlandoo models equipped with the D4L radio system. Package includes motor with factory installed connector and gear reduction unit. 

Available in 120 (OLHNS0120-B), 150 (OLHNS0150-B), 200 (OLHNS0200-B), 300 (OLHNS0300-B) and 500 (OLHNS0500-B) RPM versions to suit your application.


  • Orlandoo Hunter OH32A02
  • Orlandoo Hunter OH32A03
  • Orlandoo Hunter OH35A01
  • Orlandoo Hunter OH35P01