1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Short Course Truck RTR

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  4WD brushed vehicle can achieve 30+ MPH with optional gearing (sold separately)  Spektrum SLT3 Transmitter with adjustable steering rate, end point, and trims as well as a 50/75/100 position throttle switch for different levels of drivers  More powerful steering servo  Higher capacity NiMH battery for longer run times  New look bodies for Granite and Senton  Stronger, better - V3 updates to chassis, steering, shocks, gearbox and slipper clutch.  Brushless ready front and rear transmission for easier power upgrades  Rubber shielded bearings throughout


Established lineup on the 4x4 platform with shared parts between MEGA, 3S, and 4S vehicles