Pro-Line 2.2" Dual Stage Closed Cell Inner/Soft Outer Rock Crawl

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This is a pair of 2.2 inch Single Stage Closed Cell Foams for Rock Crawlers. Pro-Line is proud to introduce our next generation of Rock Crawling Performance Foam Inserts: the all-new 2.2 inch Single Stage Closed Cell Foam! Pro-Line's new inserts are made from lightweight and waterproof Blue Closed Cell Foam and they are perfectly sized for ProLines 2.2 inch XL sized Rock Crawling Tires. These new inserts are completely contoured to correctly match the shape of ProLines tires for improved tire performance and appearance. Deep grooves along the top of the foam provide a softer feel for more grip while maintaining a fully supported sidewall for maximum side-hilling performance. ProLines new Closed Cell foams are extremely durable and will last through many rugged adventures.