Voodoo KLR/m 1.9/4.75 (2 tires, foams sold separately)

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Wheel Size = 1.9" Width at Carcass = 1.8" Tire Height = 4.75" Designed with USD Stickys in mind, its deep and aggressive MUD lug pattern gives the Voodoo KLR its reputation as the ultimate go anywhere, do anything tire! These are a version designed for HUGE tread voids. They should clean out very well. They should be great for Sloppy terrain.  VEX (Vertical Extreme) Rubber Compound!  Engineered sidewall: Deep, specially shaped ribs allows the user to utilize very very soft foams without sacrificing side hill integrity. EZ Mount engineered beads...simply put, the easiest tires to mount in the industry!