2.2" 2-Stage Oversized Rock Crawling Memory Foam

Sale price$36.95


Features   Inner grey foam is ultra firm to resist sidewall folding thus increasing side hilling stability and agility For use with oversized 5.1” - 5.5” oversized rock crawling tires Upgrade foam for all oversized tires Outer memory foam creates more contact patch when going over obstacle Instantly increases crawling traction over standard foam Overview   With the continued success of the rock crawling market and a growing need for more aftermarket accessories, Pro-Line announces a true performance upgrade for all 2.2” oversized rock crawling tires – 2-stage Memory Foam.When you’re ready for immediate performance upgrade of your oversized 2.2” rock crawling tires, then check out Pro-Line’s oversized 2-stage Memory Foam.Specs:5.50” OD x 2.50” W x 3.37” ID (Memory Foam)3.37” OD x 1.97” W x 2.30” ID (Gray Foam)

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