540 Crawler Brushed , 35T

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Specifications: Custom made 540 Steel case Chrome plated case Build in capacitor for minimizing glitches High torque magnet and rotor Small footprint (50mm long) Tuned for Rock Climbing and Scale Driving Polished Bushings Body OD: 1.39in / 35.5mm Output Shaft Length: 0.43in / 11mm Output Shaft: 0.12in / 3.1mm Min and Max Voltage Range: 2.4V-30V Performance Specs: (At no load) RPM @ 7.2V : 12500 (?10%), 1.25Amp Current (Max Efficiency) RPM @ 7.2V : 10400 (?10%), 4.62Amp Current Designed operating temperature range: -30?C to +80?C Motor end play : .50mm max Noise level: < 60db

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