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AGRICOLA - REVISED EDITION   description A game by Uwe Rosenberg   Attention: This is the new edition of our classic Agricola. If you are looking for the family game, you will find it under this link: Agricola (family game)   With two family members who initially live in a wooden house with two rooms, the players have one action to choose from each round. When they collect wood and reeds, they can use it to build their house and then enlarge their family. To gain nutritional value, players plow fields and sow seeds on their fields. Their crops and vegetables are harvested at harvest time, even if their animals multiply. For animal husbandry, pastures must be fenced on which sheep, wild boar and cattle can graze. Some training or purchase ensures the maintenance of the family. Each of these cards gives the player a small game advantage. There are victory points if you renovate your wooden house to the mud house or stone house. But everything else,

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