ARA340079 Steering Parts Set 2014 Spec

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stering parts set This is the 2014 Spec Arrma Steering Parts Set. FEATURES: Standard on the Fury, Granite, Raider and Vorteks, optional on the 2013 versions of the ADX-10, Fury, Granite, Mojave, Raider and Vorteks Tough composite material for increased impact and long life INCLUDES: Servo Saver Assembly Three Servo Horns Two Servo Horn Spacers Steering Plate Steering Post Fins Two Servo Mounts The manual incorrectly shows the metal steering posts and spring included in this part bag. This includes only the parts listed above. To get the steering posts and spring use stock ARAC3028 key #AR340004 JXS 03\03\15 ir/jxs

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