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Crawler Innovations is out with another first. Introducing our dual stage closed cell foam pair. This new product features our dense car stand foam, cut and shaped into the inner foam. This dense inner, offers superior steering response, and a firm foundation for the second stage. The second stage is our standard gray foam. Combined this pairing is 100% water proof. CWR-3201 was designed for use in the Pitbull Tires 1.9 Rock Beast Tire (PB9003NK - standard height) but will fit many other brands of tires as long as they are similar in height and width. Examples are the RC4WD IROK, and the Ottsix KLR. The dual stage height is the same height as the original CWR-3001. These foams are much firmer than anything available on the market. They do not fold over under load whether it's high speed, heavy weight, or simply turning. These foams rely on a small air gap between the foam and tire. This loose area allows for the tire to obtain traction, while the foam supports the tire. If you are interested in completely filling the tire with foam and do not care about waterproofness, the Lil Nova 4.25, 4.50, 4.75" Outers will stretch over this pairing. Those outer P/N's are CWR-2047, CWR-2048, CWR-2049. These outers are cut from conventional foam and are not water proof. Approximate size: 4.0" Height x 1.50" Width (Remember that foam goes inside the tire and one must subtract lug and carcass thickness, plus any reinforcing from the overall tire height.) #crawlerinnovations #activatedoutlaw #ayalametalworks #deuceswildfoams #rccrawler

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