FR4C 1/10 Demon 4x4 Crawler Kit, w/ Lexan SUV Body, Full Metal & CNC Rims

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Cross-RC kits are premium vehicles intended for the most discriminating R/C modeler who demand the utmost in quality and precision. Available only in kit form, these vehicles require the addition of radio, servo, ESC, and battery.The FR4-series include clear polycarbonate bodies, LED lights, 35T brushed motors, aluminum coil-over shocks, and more. See the PDF file for a feature comparison of each of the FR4 models.Shown assembled and painted for display purposes only - Requires assemblyFR4 Model Cross ReferenceFR4 Packaged Parts Contents PDF Key Features: Polycarbonate body Nylon roof rack LED lighting Metal gearbox housing Metal transfer case Metal tow shackle Metal rear frame Metal drive shafts Metal coil-over shocks Aluminum CNC bead lock wheels Black Rock 1.9 tires Dual-stage inner tire foam New G1R axles with metal gears Product Manual

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