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Tales from the Worlds of WarhammerInferno! Volume 1 showcases some of the best new fiction from across Games Workshop's many universes; from the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, to the brutal underhive of Necromunda, through to the sprawling realms of the Age of Sigmar and the ancient lands of the Warhammer Chronicles.READ IT BECAUSEInferno! is back! And it's packed full of tales from across all the worlds of Warhammer, including some by familiar faces, and loads by newcomers whose unique takes on the universes we love are sure to thrill you.DESCRIPTIONThe premiere volume of this new anthology series brings you new short fiction from the worlds of Warhammer. Penned by debut and current Black Library authors, its tales range from the back streets of the world-that was to a shrouded inn in the Mortal Realms, while in the brutal galaxy of the Dark Imperium, the Ultramarines and others deliver the Emperor's fury to their many foes, and in the depths of Necromunda's underhive, gangers clash in brutal combat.CONTENTSThe Unsung War by David AnnandaleNo Hero by Peter McLeanThe Path to Glory by Evan DickenA Common Ground by Mike BrooksThe Emperor's Wrath by Steven B FischerWaking the Dragon by Josh ReynoldsThe Enemy of My Enemy by Nate CrowleyHow Vido Learned the Trick by Josh ReynoldsThe Firstborn Daughter by Filip WiltgrenMercy by Danie WareAt the Sign of the Brazen Claw by Guy Haley

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