Mamba X SCT Pro, Sensored, 25.2V WP 1410-3800Kv

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Mamba X SCT Pro, Sensored, 25.2V WP 1410-3800Kv   Key Features 2S to 6S input voltage range Sensored Motor Support Waterproof ESC Rugged CNC Aluminum Case 8A adjustable BEC (5.25V-8.0V) Castle Link Programming Support Data Logging 54.4mm x 35.2mm x 30.0mm (w/fan) Telemetry capable with Castle Telemetry Devices and compatible transmitters Integrated Capacitors Integrated 4mm Bullet Connectors Waterproof Switch 12 AWG Power Wires Removable 30mm ESC Cooling Fan SMARTSENSE™ Audible Alerts 101 grams, potted (No connector on power wires) Castle Creations' 1-year warranty and unparalleled customer support Also available as a combo with various motors Overview Castle Creations is proud to announce our new flagship surface product, the MAMBA X EXTREME 1/10 SCALE WATERPROOF ESC. We wanted to address three main concepts while designing a new ESC for the modern day RC enthusiast; VERSATILITY, RELIABILITY, and PERFORMANCE. These are the pillars of the Mamba X design and the driving forces behind the feature-packed power system. The Mamba X is extremely versatile, capable of powering a wide variety of applications ranging from 2S to 6S and vehicles ranging from 1/10th scale to 1/8th scale*. Whether you are racing at the track with your 2wd buggy, bashing through puddles and mud in your SCT or monster truck, or navigating a hardcore crawling excursion, this controller raises the bar to a whole new level. ESCs have a tough life - landing extreme jumps, experiencing accidental collisions, and splashing through the occasional puddle. As R/C enthusiast themselves, Castle engineers understand this and designed the Mamba X to endure these situations and power through them. It is housed in a rugged CNC-machined aluminum case and then potted in waterproof epoxy. This not only protects the electronics but ensures any heat generated in the controller can easily be dissipated through the case. The Mamba X integrates a powerful 8A adjustable BEC into a high-performance speed control that can push the most extreme 1/10th scale setups and 1/8th scale* race buggies. Smart-Sense allows you to take advantage of smooth, cog-free, and predictable sensored starts, and Castle's new and improved throttle response keeps you ahead of the competition. The Mamba X has an exclusive set of features that allow you more control and flexibility than ever before: SMARTSENSE™ Enabled by default, the Mamba X uses the motor's sensors to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability. Once the motor is turning, it seamlessly transitions to Castle's ULTRA-EFFICIENT sensorless mode with electronic timing. When running, a motor must transition between different load points and a different timing advance is required for optimal efficiency at each. Electronic timing in SMARTSENSE™ will advance timing automatically for peak performance during all driving conditions. This combines the best of both worlds in an unrivaled HYBRID between smooth sensored startups and high-efficiency sensorless running. Your motor will produce more power and less heat. AUXILIARY WIRE FUNCTIONALITY The Mamba X allows "on-the-fly" adjustments to be made through the AUX wire once enabled in Castle Link. Once you have selected an AUX wire function, that setting can then be tuned from your transmitter while driving. Torque control, max throttle, max brake and drag brake adjustments are a sampling of the available modes. This real-time tuning allows you to quickly and easi

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