Mamba X, Sensored, 25.2V WP ESC, 8A BEC (010015500)

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Mamba X, Sensored, 25.2V WP ESC, 8A BEC 010015500   The Mamba X is extremely versatile, capable of powering a wide variety of application sranging from 2S to 6S LiPo and vehicles ranging from 1:10 Scale to 1:8 scale. This ESC can handle track turns in a 2wd buggy, bashing through muddy puddles in an SCT or monster truck, and even navigating a hardcore crawling excursion in a scale rig. Use the AUX Wire functionality to tap into on-the fly adjustments using the auxiliary channel on your receiver, while driving! Select a particular function such as torque control, max throttle, max brake or drag brake adjustment to tune to your current driving environment. Enabled by default, the Mamba X uses the motor's sensors to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability. Once the motor is turning, it seamlessly transitions to Catle's ultra efficient sonsorless mode with electronic timing. When running, a motor must transition between different load points and a different timing advance is required for optimal efficiency at each. Electronic timing in SmartSense will advance timing automatically for peak performance during all driving conditions. This combines the best of both worlds in an unrivaled Hybrid between smooth sensored startups and high-efficiency sensorless running. Your motor will produce MORE power and LESS HEAT. Features: 2S-6s Input Voltage Range Auxiliary Wire Functionality Sensored Motor Support Telemetry Capable Rugged CNC Aluminum Case Integrated Capacitors Waterproof ESC Waterproof Switch High strand count silicone coated copper wires - 12 AWG Integrated 4mm Bullet Connectors Designed and Manufactured in Olathe, Kansas Unparalleled "make it right" customer support Gain access to a host of tuning parameters for your personalized setup such as racing, crawling or bashing. Ability to save setup profiles for later use Download new software updates as they become available Intuitive Demo Mode capability Coupon included for the Castle Link adapter with Mamba X purchase Data Logging is enabled by default and the Mamba X will capture and record performance data from your vehicle. This allows you to view a detailed turn-by-turn record of what your ESC actually experienced during the run. Download and analyze the collected data via Castle Link and make adjustments to maximize both performance and battery life. Real Time Data Includes: Motor RPM Battery Current and Voltage ESC and Motor Temperature Throttle Input And More!

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