MSA-1E 1/24 Scale Ford F-150 4WD RTR 81368

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With the success of their 1/10th SCA-1E 76 Ford F-150 4WD RTR, Carisma has taken this iconic pickup in another direction...smaller!Carisma further developed the 1/24th MSA-1E platform to include features like lower gearing, a Gen 2 brushed motor with a built-in protection circuit, an improved Gen 2 servo saver, and of course, an officially licensed 76 Ford F-150 body. It's size, combined with a compact KD PROPO handheld wheel transmitter, and its built in 1-2-3 speed feature, make this the ideal "hobby grade" RC Scale rig for all ages and levels of experience. The MSA-1E Platform is also "FPV Ready", with a dedicated power socket to power all-in-one FPV video cameras. Portable, affordable and fun, MSA rigs bring the detail and looks of the SCA-1E platform to a micro-sized vehicle. Supplied as a complete RTR package, this truck is designed to have huge adventures.Features: Fully Licensed & Detailed 76 Ford F-150 Pickup Bodyshell Smart Throttle "1-2-3" Feature (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert) Build in Ports for add on FPV module & for optional LED Kit KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag Brake feature High Torque Micro Servo (3 wires) Permanent Shaft Driven 4WD with Locked Diffs Lower Gearing (improves crawling ability) Low Maintenance MSA-1E Spring Dampers Super High-Torque Micro Gen 2 Motor & Heatsink Compact 2.4G KD PROPO Transmitter AA Batteries for TX included Stealth "Hook and Loop" tape Body Posts Gen 2 Servo Saver 130MAH NiMH Battery Convenient USB Charger LiPo-Ready ESCProduct Manual

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