Pro Boat Waterproof 4.8-12V Marine ESC w/Reverse PRB2314

Sale price$59.95


Waterproof ESC with Reverse This is the Pro Boat Waterproof 4.8-12V Marine ESC. Pro Boat’s waterproof marine electronic speed control is definitely one of the best new values in model boating. Anyone can upgrade their RTR boat from a mechanical speed control to the precision of a fully proportional ESC with reverse. The unit’s completely potted electronics are sealed in epoxy and encased in a blue anodized aluminum shell that keeps operating temps cool. In addition to being inexpensive and waterproof, no programming is required. Set up is as simple as turning on the transmitter, turning on the receiver and moving the throttle to full forward, then full reverse. The speed control automatically memorizes the initial movements and provides proportional control between the extremes. Features: Reverse operation for more maneuverability Completely sealed to operate even when wet Automatic setup - no programming required Anodized aluminum case Specifications: Forward: yes Reverse: yes Continuous Maximum Current: 40 amps Input Voltage: 4-10 cells (4.8-12V) Input Connector Types: Tamiya Output Connector Types: Bullet Motor Limit: 15 turns Dimensions (WxLxH): 42x47x13mm Weight: 89 g BEC Voltage: 6.0VDC 1 amp. Max. PWM Frequency: 1000 Hz. Full On Resistance: 0.070 ohms

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