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        WHEELBASE :  257mm WIDTH :  190mm DRIVE MODE :    RWD CASTER:    adjustable  6 / 8 / 10 / 12 degree CAMBER:     adjustable  0 to -12 degree FULL BALL BEARING HYDRAULIC DAMPER SET   FEATURES     ■ Two install methods of motor mount – upper or lower gravity deployment ■ Two install methods of servo – vertical or lateral deployment ■ Plastic high rigidity constructions  ■ New designed front great-steering suspenstion system ■ The adjustable steering system for two-step Ackermann changes ■  6 degrees KPI steering upright, and -0.5 towing distance axle design ■ New designed inside rods fulcrum mount at the front upper arm is adjustable for 10-step highness and both sides positions ■ New full-sealed dustproof gear box is transmitted by bevel gears ■ Standard ball differential ■ 5 changeable second-deceleration-ratio gear sets of 1.89-3.82 (standard 3.08) ■ The fulcrum at the rear suspension upper rod is 5-step adjustable on both sides. The outer fulcrum is 4-step adjustable on both sides ■ Steel CVD axle of rear transmission system ■ Suitable for long and short battery ■ Full turnbuckles ■ Full great smooth metal ball connectors ■ Standard realistic caliper and disc shape brake set                         Required to Complete:   - Transmitter - Reciever - Servo - ESC - Motor - Pinion - Gyro - Wheels & Tires - Body - Battery & Charger       Manual            Set Up Sheet     

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