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Machined Hardened Steel Transmission gears for use in Axial 3-Gear style locked transmissions. Machined from steel and heat treated for durability Added clearance machined for standard M2 screws to be used on the final gear Grade 12.9 Steel M2 Hardware included for final gear Increased ID on idler gear allows for use of 5x11x4 bearings to be used (also included) Final gear is machined for additional weight reduction   Compatible with SCX10, Wraith, AX-10, AX-10 Deadbolt, SMT10, and SCX10-II RTR*   Package Includes: 1 - 20T Top Gear 1 - 28T Idler Gear 1 - 52T Final Gear 2 - 5x11x4 Rubber Shielded Bearings 3 - M2x6 Grade 12.9 Hardware     *Not compatible with the SCX10-II Kit version 2-Speed Transmission

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