WaterResist 25mw 5.8GHz vtx and camera w/ raceband

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Features     Integrated camera and 25mw transmitter Protective outer shell for extreme durability.1 Water, shock and dust resistant Excellent image clarity in all lighting conditions Enough signal range for small park flyers and quad racers Compatible with 5.8GHz Fat Shark headsets Powered separately or through modeler's receiver Remote channel selection available when powered through receiver aux port Integrated power filter prevents motor and servo interference No 2.4GHz RC interference HAM license required for North American operation Installs in seconds Overview Spektrum and Fat Shark Partnered to create an extremely durable and water resistant camera VTX Combo that is easy to use with many forms of RC Model. The end product being the VA2510! This System utilizes a 25mw VTX which provides ample amount of video range for Boats, Tracks, and around the park. Great for Quad racers looking for a simple 25mw installation, but it really stands out when used for RC Boats and Surface models. The VA2510 is so simple to use, all the user needs is an open receiver port for power and some double sided tape to mount and it is ready to transmit video to your 5.8ghz Headset. When powering the VA2510 through an auxiliary channel on your receiver, its integrated power filter will prevent interference from the model's motor and servos. Channels frequency is changed simply by the touch of a button on the camera, but you can also assign a transmitter switch or dial to whatever aux channel the camera is connected to and remotely change channel frequencies easily from your radio. The camera on this system is a top of the line CMOS 700TVL Fatshark camera, providing a Clean and Crisp Full Color image to your display utilizing a wide angle lens.   

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