Wertymade Ascender 5 Inch Rear Bumper w/Shackle Mounts

Sale price$51.95


The Wertymade Ascender 5 Inch Rear Bumper is manufactured using a combination of MIG and TIG welding techniques, and features an adjustable design that allows you to use spacers to move the 5" wide bumper plate in or away from the frame to suit various body types. Plus, the bumper mount features a mounting point for your winch plate and built in bottle opener to make it easier to crack open a cold one while your out on the trail. The design also features built in d-ring/shackle mounts and a 7x7mm hitch mounting hole to finish off the package. Includes bumper plate, bumper mounting bracket, two 5mm long M3 spacers and hardware. NOTE: Additional spacers and hardware may be required to suit your application.

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