Yota Ultimate Scale Cast Axle (Front)

Sale price$79.95


The Ultimate Scale Yota Cast Axles (Front) The most Scale and complex Axle on the market just become a lot more affortable! Extremly scale to the smallest details, such as innovative round knuckles (just like the real thing), lower mounts (let shocks be mounted front or back) and compact offset pumpkin.   Specifications:   Die Cast light Weight Metal Housing Hardened Steel Spool Gears 5mm Axle Output Shaft Full Ball Bearings Powdercated in black Width: 180mm / 7.09inch Engineered by Fracture in New Zealand Manufactured by RC4WD Designed for 1:10 Scale Truck! Hex to Hex Width: 179mm / 7.04" Pin to Pin Width: 168mm / 6.61" Pumpkin Height: 36.2mm / 1.42 " Leaf Mount Width: 79mm / 3.11" Gear Ratio: 2.67 : 1 Output Shaft OD: 5mm / 0.19" 12mm Steel Wheel Hex Weight: 166g / 5.85oz What's Included: 1x The Ultimate Scale Yota Cast Axle Housing (front) 2x Cast Knuckles 1x Steel Axle 1x Tracgear yota spool gear (Tracgear) 2x 12mm Steel Wheel Hex Complete hardwares and Bearings

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